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Welcome to SpringField

Springfield Academy Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria is a center of academic excellence with state of the art facilities, well trained teachers, child friendly academic and co-curricular programs. Today, Springfield Academy Onitsha is among the top elementary schools in Nigeria and known for its all-round excellence worldwide. Founded on absolute faith and trust in God, Springfield Academy Onitsha is committed to training pupils in the fear of God and nurturing them to become morally sound, responsible and intelligent individuals. Over the years,Springfield Academy has shown that it is a school to beat in all organized competitions it took part in, as our pupils have always come out tops to the admiration of all. Our children have continued to make waves in various secondary schools which are eloquent testimonies of the training they received while at Springfield Academy.

"In Springfield no child is left out"

We appreciate your interest in our school and trust that our prospectus will guide you in making the best choice for your the educational future of your child. We look forward to welcome your child to Springfield.

Our School

Springfield Academy Onitsha comprises of the following sections


Welcome to early years. We are the bedrock of your child's education. Our pupils are between ages 1-2 years...

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Nursery school is exciting here. Pupils are introduced to subjects that helps them communicate, know their environment...

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Academic activities build your child and prepare them for the future. Pupils are also prepared for external examinations ...

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Are you searching for the right school for your child, SpringField Academy Onitsha is the school of chioce. Our academic program is the best experience you can give to your child. Our instructors are well trained and our curriculum a blend of the British- American curriculum. Our learning process involves the use of audio-visual aids to make learning both fun and exciting.

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At Springfield Academy, our curriculum covers the major subjects. Pupils are taught in a condusive environment with teaching aids to help them understand every topic taught.


Science is discovery ! General Science and ICT are taught to our pupils using ...

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Exposing our pupils to culture and national values makes them ...

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The art of communication with the right tenses and pronounciation ...

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Elementary mathematics for kids is fun at Springfield Academy ...

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To provide a safe learning environment that promotes the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development in our children, where parents/guardians are seen as valued partners in laying the right foundation in the children while challenging them to become and to do as life learners, independent thinkers, respectful individuals, responsible citizens, by using the process of unrestricted access to sound education.


At Springfield Academy, we educate and nurture the whole child, providing opportunities for each child to discover and develop their unique talents and abilities. Our children work hard and play hard. We create a culture of achievement within a vibrant and stimulating learning environment ensuring positive reinforcement at all levels of ability through appropriately differentiated expectations. Our vision is for Springfield Academy ...